AADHMD: Ada Apa Dengan Harga Minyak Dunia

Tahun 2015 kemarin bisa dibilang tahun yang sulit untuk industri minyak di seluruh dunia. Rata-rata harga minyak tahun 2015 berdasarkan OPEC menyentuh USD 49.15/barrel, turun 48% dari tahun sebelumnya (referensi: harga minyak). Penurunan yang cukup signifikan mengingat tahun 2012, harga rata-rata minyak mencapai USD 109.45/barrel. Beberapa tahun terakhir (2015 ga termasuk ya, DUH) merupakan tahun-tahun keemasan buat industri minyak … More AADHMD: Ada Apa Dengan Harga Minyak Dunia

Catatan Awal Tahun.

At first I wanted to make a ‘Catatan Akhir Tahun’ post, but since the end of the year was a hectic one, I couldn’t make it. But maybe I can start this post by reminiscing the year of 2013. Well, It’s not a great year I admit it, hahaha. More downs than its ups. 2013, … More Catatan Awal Tahun.

Ocehan Pagi

So, Here I am sitting in my office, waiting for the boss to come. All of sudden, I opened Youtube. and watch this. J.K. Rowling, Oprah Interview And then Va Va Voom!  Kita semua, atau kebanyakan dari kita, pasti merasakan momen-momen setelah lulus, dimana semua hal ada di pundak kita, semua keputusan, semua keinginan. Whether … More Ocehan Pagi


“Kalau boleh saya beri saran, be reliable ALL the time” BOOM. I forgot being criticized. It’s been a while since someone gave me a feedback. I am not kind of person who hard to accept stricture of course, but this time it’s different. This criticism comes from someone that I really look up to, my … More Feedback

Broken Vow

Fyuh, finally.. i’m not gonna lying to you about how i felt these past few weeks. i was at the bottom of my life, and i was devastated. unfortunately, it still happens until now. and then, here it comes, the moment when i sit alone, and it’s raining, and it’s quite dark, and this song … More Broken Vow

don’t you?

“i never try to hold you back, i wouldn’t try controlling you, if it’s what you want, that’s what i want, i want what’s best for you, and if there’s something else that you looking for, i’ll be the first to help you try, believe me when i say it’s hard to say goodbye.”   … More don’t you?

Suka Berbicara Bahasa Asing = Tidak Cinta Indonesia?

Malam ini ada perbincangan menarik di Grup Teknik Mesin 08, seperti halnya forum-forum di tempat lain, selalu ada perdebatan kecil antar di dalamnya. kali ini topiknya : “Suka mencampur-campur Bahasa Indonesia dengan bahasa asing sama dengan tidak cinta Indonesia” Menarik, karena saya objek yang diserang HAHA. karena saya yang suka mencampur-campur bahasa indonesia dengan bahasa … More Suka Berbicara Bahasa Asing = Tidak Cinta Indonesia?


if you’re thinking that i’m gonna review ‘Negeri 5 Menara’ movie, well i’m not. yes if you see that as a whole movie, that wasn’t as touchy as Ayat-Ayat Cinta and not as fascinating as Laskar Pelangi, but hey, that was still a good movie. at least, i’ve got the messages. that’s what i’m trying … More MAN JADDA WA JADA

Wake Up Call

it’s been forever since i wrote my last blog. kinda miss writing this thing, so here i go again. actually i want to write something that suddenly came up in my mind, and these came up when i was talking to lot of people. awalnya saya berfikir bahwa ini adalah common problem that happen everytime. … More Wake Up Call