Catatan Awal Tahun.

At first I wanted to make a ‘Catatan Akhir Tahun’ post, but since the end of the year was a hectic one, I couldn’t make it. But maybe I can start this post by reminiscing the year of 2013.

Well, It’s not a great year I admit it, hahaha. More downs than its ups.

2013, changed me in lots of ways.

It’s so surprising someone that you care about for years, and now you just don’t. Your friends that you used to called your best, now they’re just your so so. Someone that really strange for you back then, now you call them your best pals.

I was graduated this year, and trust me, it’s not that special. It is after your graduation that matters the most. I realized that and I thought how wrong I am. I mean, I graduated and it’s not special, how come? Yes you entered a new kind of door that awaits you, but hey, sometimes when you open that door, it doesn’t satisfy you.

And I know life sucks. In a deep way. and it’s hard. And it’s not fair. If want you want it to be fair, you have to work your ass off. I realize also I can’t get whatever I want even though that I worked hard already. sometimes it just doesn’t work that way. I failed so many times, even I know the most successful people is the one who faced the greatest failure, still it hurts and shocking.

Sounds bitter my 2013 isn’t it? Well, it is not a good year I admit, but I see things differently now. And so I learned. A lot. from 2013. It makes me more mature, open-minded, realistic, not-too-much-thinker, more just-let-it-flow-and-enjoy-the-show person, more positive, more grateful and more Rachmat Fathoni (Hell I have no idea what more Rachmat Fathoni is, it just sounds cool for me, eh?)

From those lessons, I know what I want to do in 2014. I know it’s going to be one hell of a ride, so we’ll see. I hope everyone who read this also know how to face their 2014. I hope.

So 2014, I’m ready.



2 thoughts on “Catatan Awal Tahun.

  1. These things also happened to me. Yeah, the world seems is not as easy as our dream.

    Reading this post, makes me realize that I’m not alone in suck worldly life. Hehe..

    23 yrs old in 2013 is an age when you over thinking about what you want to be in the future. And now it’s over.

    I really hope we will have a nicer year in 2014.
    Wish you the best mat.. 😉

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