The Greatest Threat to the World

What do you think if I ask you a question.

What is the greatest threat this world facing?

Jawaban yang muncul pasti beragam.  Terorisme, bencana alam, wabah penyakit, krisis moral, apapun. Sama menyeramkannya.  But then I read Dan Brown’s Inferno. for me, everything is change. The greatest threat to the world: OVERPOPULATION


See the graphic which depicted the growth of human population exponentially? from the year 1000 to 2000, see the huge different? We have reached 1 billions of people in 1800. In only 200 years, It grows 7 times now. And we’ll reach the population of 8 billions people in 2023 ( It’s a bit frightening.

Thus, it raises the other things: demand for clean water, Carbon dioxide concentration, global surface temperature, ozone depletion, oil consumption, consumption of ocean resources, deforestation, species extinction, motor vehicles, and so on. You can imagine when the more people suffer in hunger, the more people have no job, the more poverty,  the world is heading to chaos. Two words: Serem Cuy!

When people are poor, and don’t have enough land to grow all their food, they have to spend all their money on food. They cannot afford to send their children to school, or to get medical care. Many people rely on the government to education them or provide medical care, but when the majority of the people in the country are poor, the tax base is too small to support programs for education, health care,
sanitation, and so on. Foreign aid may help, but foreign aid has never been enough to be a complete solution.

When children don’t get an education, especially girls, they tend to marry early (their families are glad to have one less mouth to feed), and have more children. Lack of health care also means more babies but high infant and maternal mortality rate. If mothers don’t get health care for prenatal, birth, or postnatal matters, then it is unlikely they will get the information about family planning and unlikely they
would get access to contraception. In addition, a high infant mortality rate leads a woman to believe that she needs to have more children as insurance. Also, lack of access to contraception means the
mother is more likely to die in childbirth. And when children are not spaced by at least two years, the health of the mother and the two babies also suffers.

Lack of food and health care also means the children are physically and mentally stunted, so they will be less productive, which is not conducive to a strong economy.

As for the positive side of overpopulation: if there is a large number of young people entering the labor market, this can boost the economy. But the jobs must be there for these young people, or there will be no benefits to have so many of them. And, if these young people are educated, the chances of boosting the economy are improved.

However, these benefits are only temporary. The benefits of a young, educated workforce will be greatly diminished when these young people reach retirement age: first they will have lived longer than they would have if they did not have a good job, thus adding to the population size and competing with younger generations for natural resources; second, while they live longer, they will require
considerably more medical care than people of a younger age, which will drag down the economy, and third, they are more likely to have fewer children, so that now there will be a senior boom instead of a
baby boom, and there will be more dependents than working age adults, which will also help bring down the economy.

WOA (World Population Awareness)

This happen because people are getting smarter, scientists found new medicines to heals more people. Technology helps human to expand their lives, and other things. Not to mention that this is not a good thing. Cuma mau ngasih tau aja, haha. There’s another fact, 1/3 of the population growth in the world is the result of incidental or unwanted pregnancies (Germany World Population Fund). Nah kalo gini gimana? Salah siapa? The unwanted pregnancies means they didn’t prepare to have babies, they didn’t think about their babies’ needs. Therefore it raises the things I have mentioned above.

I assume that WHO, CDC, and other organizations aware of this problem. But I assume also they don’t find yet the solution. And this is surely not an easy problem.

Emang sih kayaknya hal ini ga akan kita rasain di masa hidup orang-orang yang baca tulisan ini (maybe), but I’m not talking about us, I’m talking about the future of this world, I’m thinking about doomsday, Is it going to be ‘the’ way? Well this is just a random thought that came through my mind aja sih. Ga ada yang tau kedepannya akan seperti apa. Tapi kalau kita tahu apa masalahnya, we can find a way how to solve it.

Asal jangan jadi orang yang pura-pura ga tahu aja sih. Like Dante Alighieri said

The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis. 

(Tapi kalo quote diatas berlaku buat semua hal sih, termasuk politik, Egypt Massacre, dan lain-lain :p)


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