“Kalau boleh saya beri saran, be reliable ALL the time”


I forgot being criticized. It’s been a while since someone gave me a feedback. I am not kind of person who hard to accept stricture of course, but this time it’s different. This criticism comes from someone that I really look up to, my idol, my mentor. So yea, at first, it is hard. But then i realize that she is right, I am making a mistake, huge mistake. I know that I’m not a perfect person, but sometimes, when you are being criticized, it still hurts. Especially in front of the one who you don’t wanna make a mistake to.

No. She doesn’t hate me. She’s just being nice. Having someone who gives you feedback means they care about you.

I promise i won’t ever do that mistake again.

“When people stops giving you feedback, that means people has given up on you. – Kak A”


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