Gone Too Soon.

so here’s another sad news that i received today. a junior in my high school, by accident that suppose to bring her to do something good i bet.

i.. never.. ever.. imagined in my life that the person around me, somebody that i have known very well. somebody that i close to, somebody that i have been laughed with, somebody that i love, been taken away by God. it is out of my mind. like i could’ve even imagine.

yes of course we never know that we will face death like the Qur’an says “Every Soul has to experience the taste of death.” (QS 21:35)
but being separated by someone that u love is, i believe, very hard. and we might hear and see that death could come in anyways like we couldn’t ever think of.

sometimes, i was wondering, is it true that The End of The World is coming, so They took good person so they couldn’t face the doomsday.

but i do believe God has plan to all of us. a good one.

and i do hope that the family they left behind was given fortitude and strength to take everything positively.


    “Like a comet,
    Blazing cross the evening sky.
    Gone too soon.

    Born To Amuse, To Inspire, To Delight
    Here One Day
    Gone One Night

    Like A Sunset
    Dying With The Rising Of The Moon
    Gone Too Soon”

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