Broken Vow

Fyuh, finally..

i’m not gonna lying to you about how i felt these past few weeks. i was at the bottom of my life, and i was devastated. unfortunately, it still happens until now. and then, here it comes, the moment when i sit alone, and it’s raining, and it’s quite dark, and this song is came up, it’s called Broken Vow by Lara Fabian.

well, that lyrics does not represent the things that i felt right now, but the words, and the song, is just blew me away.

makes me feel sad, devastated, mourn, takes my breath away. suddenly, all the things that i hold up were just came up in to my mind.

the words diffusing my mind, puncturing my body. and i was shut, for a moment. thinking for a while. and without i expect, tears running on my face.

yes, at this moment i’m at the bottom of this life. I fell into the deepest abyss. and there is no one up there hold me.

but then my Mom texting me, she asked how am i doing and stuffs. and it just made my tears more, you know, running. but relieved also. because i know exactly, everytime i feel sad, my Mom always knew, and she knew how to made me more comfortable. indeed there is a connection between me and my Mom. between Mother and her children. and always try to help them anywhere, anytime, how far the distance is, she always will.

i’m not trying to be so melancholic or emotional, but you know, Life is like a rollercoaster they said, it has its ups and its down, that is your choice whether you want to to scream, or enjoy the ride.

well i chose to scream anyway. 🙂

my friend once said,

“the hardest part is letting go
but you’ll do whatever it takes to bring a smile upon her face
though you’re not even a part of her happiness
cause that’s love.. for real.”

until i know exactly how to put back again my life. and make it worthier.

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