Remembering The Past.

When Facebook changing its face (again),

i found this very interesting.

when i scrolled down from 2011, until 2007

i realize that there are a lot of things that i have been going through.

it made me smile, embrace, sad, and missed those things.

these are some photos that remind me of all the things that i have been going through

Cultural Camp

Cultural Camp AIESEC, met some new friends there from other universities.

quiet an experience. haha


and that is Ekmadhya reunion, we had a great night from Gading to Bellagio and eat at Menteng.




Those pictures up here shows my time with my schoolmate, SEPULUH I, until now, hope til forever, we’re always be friends.


friends from other majors, gather together to unite! ITBUnited!


HAHA!! like sardines!

Di rumah Sanji!!

The Sixth Olympics of KM ITB 2011 committee. had a great time back then!

PO 42 and OSIS 55!! amaaazing experince from highschool time!!

that is our picture from yearbook photo.

(haha guess whice one is me ??)

and in 2009, we’re having reunion, and made a picture which looks like we did in 2002! here it is!

6A in 2009

hahaha a bit messy there.

SMAN 8 2008 ITB



TPB 2008!! FTMD

that’s all peeps!

actually there are still a lot of pictures from the past, but i can’t put all of them here.

Remembering the past is way to see what we have been through,

and indeed remind us to do something that we can remember someday in the future.


cao people! have a good day!


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